All the ones that matter anyway
  1. The Parent Trap
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    An absolute classic. Double the Lindsay, double the fun. If you haven't seen The Parent Trap then you are beyond help, just go watch it. It's a fun movie because you think it's over but then there's the whole camping part. It's an amazing film that is very important to the history of the world. Lohan is so good you forget it's not actually a set of twins. Easy #1.
  2. Mean Girls
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    The most quoted movie ever. Great cast, great writers, great Lohan performance. Mean Girls is just one of those movies that will always be funny. If you're one of those people that hates Mean Girls because everyone loves it than I'm sorry you live a Mean Girl-less life and I hope you find happiness some other way.
  3. Life-Size
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    Lohan and Banks, the unstoppable duo. They're making a sequel which is amazing. Tyra Banks plays a Barbie come to life which is possible because Lindsay Lohan is trying to bring her dead mother back to life with black magic. What a concept. What a film.
  4. Freaky Friday
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    Lindsay Lohan playing Jamie Lee Curtis playing Lindsay Lohan. Lohan yet again plays an angsty teen that the world doesn't understand but again she does it flawlessly. Very important film.
  5. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
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    Gifted us with the smash hit, "THAT GIRL WAS A ONE TIME TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, A HOT TOUGH EVERYDAY WANNA BE" the anthem of a generation. Also has very attractive early 2000s male characters.
  6. Just My Luck
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    Lohan plays an incredibly luck girl who loses her luck when she kisses Chris Pine at a masquerade ball. This movie made me really want to date Chris Pine. A very solid performance by Lindsay, 10/10 would recommend.
  7. Get a Clue
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    A missing teacher means a full scale investigation run by none other than Lindsay Lohan. It's a journalism/crime drama. It's a Disney Channel Original movie but Lohan pulls her weight and it's a good film.
  8. Herbie Fully Loaded
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    Lindsay just want to race cars but her dad thinks she's too fragile. So she buys a magic cars and street races and wins with her magic car. I'm pretty sure the line "I'm not your little girl anymore" is said at least twice. Great film but not her best.