I'm not going to quote Usher but that's okay because I'm willing to bet a lot of you already did
  1. I still call it List App.
    I'll use li.st on here so I seem trendy but in my heart, soul, and everyday life I call it List App.
  2. I'm not 100% that the Murphys are real people
    I've been here a long time, I've watched their rise to List App fame and I'm just saying that I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they are robots planted by the creators to grow the app.
  3. If I'm ever trying to explain a list to someone not on the app I either call it an article or say it was a story my friend told me
    I'm not trying to discredit the app in any way, sometimes people just don't get what I mean when I say I read a list about it. I'm always saying "I read this really great article" or "this friend of mine..." followed by a lengthy explanation of a list.
  4. I keep my titles in all caps because I'm scared of change and because I like shouting.
  5. I was really confused when everyone was talking about the featured list because I didn't know how to find it.
    Finally I got fed up and made a list saying that I didn't know how to find it and then deleted the list after someone told me how to. (s/o to @joemurphy for coming in clutch, sorry I accused you of not being real)
  6. I spend way too much time searching for gifs
    I don't just use the gif search and settle, I set out on long journeys through the Internet to find gifs that I like. It adds at least a half an hour to my list making process.
  7. I'm always paranoid that I'm copying someone else's list without knowing it
    I have a tendency to search titles to make sure that what I'm making either hasn't been done or that I'm doing it in a way that is original and differs from lists like it.
  8. I don't tell anyone about this app.
    Sorry to the people that want this app to grow but I'm not crazy about people I know in real life being on here.
  9. I care way more about this app than I do about any other social media
    I care a whole lot more about impressing you random people than I do about the people I know on Twitter.