1. Is anyone doing a Valentine's Day thing?
  2. I think there was one last year but I don't think I participated
  3. If there is one let me know because I feel like we could all use a little love these days
  4. If there's not one and you decide to do one let me know
  5. I'm scared to say that'll I'll do one because there's a very high chance I would fuck it up
    and I don't want to do that to people
  6. BUT
  7. If someone else wants to do one and needs help let me know
  8. I think e-cards or special lists or dramatic homemade music videos could be a fun way to spread a lil love
  9. Or we could all figure something out together, like a big class project that everyone hates and loves at the same time
  10. Let me know
  11. Okay, byyyeeee