1. ****Disclaimer: this life changing experience requires access to a Trader Joe's****
    I'm not saying it's impossible to use products from other grocery stores I just can't guarantee success.
  2. Okay let's do this
  3. First you must venture nearest Trader Joe's and purchase two items:
  4. Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's 'n cream ice cream
  5. and
  6. Trader Joe's Ghosts and Bats potato chips
    They're shaped like GHOSTS and BATS and they're AWESOME
  7. .
    You can also buy other groceries, I don't care what you do with your life.
  8. Second take one of those little guys out of the bag and marvel at its beauty
    The cutest lil ghost
  9. Third, dip the little friend right into the ice cream.
    He's so scared! It's okay, his misery is about to end.
  10. Fourth, your little ghost is now a spoon. Use him to devour the ice cream.
  11. Only stop when you run out of ghosts and bats or when you run out of ice cream.
  12. Enjoy your new life.