I just go along with what my mom plans for us
  1. We're going to medium conference? Something like that. We're all going to sit in a room and three mediums will talk to people on the ~other side~.
    This might just be a catalog of what my mom says throughout this whole thing
  2. "Hurry up, we have dead people to talk to!"
  3. "Maybe we'll get some good news from one of our deadsters."
    We've got a whole squad on the other side and my mom has high expectations of them
  4. Oookkkayyyy so apparently cell phones disrupt energy and you gotta respect the spirits
  5. Disclaimer: This wasn't my first medium rodeo but it was my first group session
  6. Basically we all sat in a conference room and the mediums came up front and gathered energy from the room and then started talking to people on the other side
  7. Some of them were completely off and some of them were so spot on it was creepy
  8. Unfortunately, despite having 1/3 of my family on the other side, no one came forward to me or my mom or my sister
    What a bunch of jerks
  9. One medium described someone's dad right down to the stuffed bunny he gave her as a child
    It was crazy
  10. Then the same medium spoke to a woman who has miscarried twins and identified both kids
    Which was a very emotional few minutes. She gave her messages from the kids and basically everyone was crying
  11. I don't know how I feel about the whole situation but I will say that it all seemed very real. The mediums were all genuine and were pulling very specific information out of nowhere.
  12. Now my mom wants to schedule a private session with her favorite medium so we can have a direct contact.
  13. This list turned out to be less exciting than I thought it would be. I'm blaming my dead family, they really let me down.