Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. Number of times I've read the entire Harry Potter series: 9
    Possibly 10, possibly 8. It's all I read in high school.
  2. Times I sang the ABC's last week: around 150
  3. Pairs of sweatpants I own: 8
  4. Kinds of sweatpants I own: 3
    Full length, capris, and shorts ✌🏼️
  5. States I have been in: 12
  6. Times I've watched all of Gossip Girl: 2
  7. Foods I think I'm mildly allergic to: 2
  8. Framed pictures I have of Bert and Ernie: 1
    They're doing curl-ups
  9. Killer puns I've made: millions
  10. Video games I've beaten: 0
    I've never beat a game. Part of me is okay with that, part of me hates it so much.
  11. Cool jackets I have found online but never been able to buy: too many