I'm not super exciting but I'm also not terribly boring
  1. I have permanent nerve damage in my right foot
    The top of my foot feels like it's asleep at all times so I can feel pressure but not pain. It's cool until you drop something on it and don't realize you've been bleeding for an hour. I also only have two arteries running into my foot (there should be 3) so it's always cold.
  2. I'm really good a laser tag
    I went laser tagging every Friday from freshman to junior year of high school. When I say I'm good, I mean I'm like really, really good. I also get a weird high when I play that according to my sister is the same feeling runners get when they're on a runners high so that's cool.
  3. I remember information for tests by relating everything to Harry Potter
    It works really well for me but confuses anyone I try and study with
  4. Freshman year of high school I was the only girl in my engineering class
    I had the best grade in the class and won a gold medal at a robot competition. The boys just couldn't keep up.
  5. I didn't know how to spell my mom's name until 7th grade
    Her name is Meighan, it's spelt weird and I have a lot of issues with spelling
  6. I collect pins
    It started as a Disney pin collection but now I get them everywhere I go. I'm one of those people that asks, "want to see my pin collection?"
  7. I'm really good at remembering names
    It's my party trick. When I was high school I used to wow people with my ability to recite the name of everyone in the class on the first day.
  8. The k in my name (MacKenzie) is capitalized
    I have no idea why and neither does my mom, she says its just how she thought it should be spelled. I like it.