I'm going to go for a stress run now
  1. Watching my mom say goodbye to my dad for the last time
    Sometimes they're aren't words to describe feelings, you just know that something is different and it'a never going to be what it once was.
  2. The first time they told me my brother was going to die
  3. The morning my brother didn't die
    They told us that that night would be his last. They said that if he did survive the night the tumor would have over taken his brain so while his body was alive his brain would be dead. I don't remember falling asleep but I woke up to him laughing. His normal, loud, genuine laugh. He was watching HGTV, eating pancakes and talking to my mom. He asked me if I wanted a pancake and if I would mind getting him some water. His neurosurgeon was so confused that she speechless. It didn't last.
  4. The first time I had a anxiety attack in public
    It was on a bus and I calmed myself down by writing, stop, like a thousand times in the notes on my iPhone.
  5. The first time my best friend blew me off to hangout with someone else
  6. When they identified a stranger willing to donate bone marrow to my brother
    Because people are good
  7. Sitting on the beach completely alone watching the sunrise after spending all night in the ER with my brother.
    I hadn't slept in 26 hours and I had never seen anything so beautiful.
  8. The first time I ran four miles
  9. When my sister's first boyfriend showed up at our house after being away at college and dumped her, two weeks before he was supposed to take her to her senior prom
  10. Hearing people talking about my brother at his funeral
  11. When I realized I was actually kind of good at photography
  12. When I didn't bleed out on the pavement in front my house
    Idk not dying was pretty cool