I like to think of my life in terms of tv shows because why not
  1. Getting run over by a golf cart and almost losing my foot
    It was all very dramatic. People were crying, people were screaming, and I was bleeding. The final scene would be me shamelessly flirting with the paramedic as he checked me for neck/head injuries. When he asked if I my head felt okay I said, "yeah but I think my foot is bleeding" because even when I'm in shock I'm a smartass. Single shot of me being lifted into the ambulance with all my nosy ass neighbors standing around and my mom crying and then BOOM. Fade to black.
  2. Graduating high school - mid season finale
    Not big enough to end a season but it could lead into a three week hiatus. I graduated in a wheelchair and a lot of people cheered for me because the graphic pictures of my foot went around the school. I guess it was also a fairly big moment in my life. The last shot would be me and my friend in the Chickfila drive through screaming that song, Girls Chase Boys, and feeling free. It was tacky and cliché and I loved every second of it.
  3. Taking my first steps post surgery
    It was in my physical therapist's office and my PT said he had never see a patient look so determined. It hurt like hell and my leg was super weak and skinny but it was one of my proudest moments. I spent three months in a hard cast on crutches and a month in a boot and spent a lot of my time trapped on my couch slowly losing my mind. The scene would be perfectly scored and would leave people applauding in their living rooms. One shakey step, a triumph grin, fade to black.
  4. My brother's funeral
    We held his funeral in our close friend's backyard. It was Fall and there was a slight breeze that made the wind chimes in the trees sing as people gave little speeches about my brother. My eulogy would be the last one, (even though is was second), and the season would end on a happy story about my brother that I vaguely remember telling. A shot of wind chimes in the tree, a second of peace, fade to black.
  5. Me telling my boss that I wasn't going back to school and asking if I could stay on full time.
    I applied to transfer to a school closer to home and took a semester off. It was happy moment because I hated my old school and hated how I felt there. The second to last scene would be my boss telling me I could stay and the final scene would be me telling my coworkers. The three of us standing in our classroom jumping up in down, happy music, fade to black.
  6. The current season is being filmed and the finale hasn't been shot yet.