Inspired by the whole lot of you
  1. The sparkly oversized hoodie from the "Love Myself" video
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  2. This regular oversized sweater
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  3. This picture of the Potter family by Burdge
    Fc7d3171 4a8e 4234 b517 e25e231bbf86 Burdge on Deviant Art, I draw strength from her Harry Potter art.
  4. This bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese
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  5. This picture of me kissing a jar of Skippy peanut butter
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  6. This notepad
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  7. This baby goat
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  8. This picture of a shell that I took at the beach two years ago
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  9. This poster I made of one of my brother's best tweets
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  10. Matt Smith as the Doctor
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  11. This goose that I found when I searched "goose yelling" on the new image search thing
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  12. This
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  13. Lizzie McGuire impersonating an Italian pop star
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