Inspired by the whole lot of you
  1. The sparkly oversized hoodie from the "Love Myself" video
  2. This regular oversized sweater
  3. This picture of the Potter family by Burdge Burdge on Deviant Art, I draw strength from her Harry Potter art.
  4. This bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese
  5. This picture of me kissing a jar of Skippy peanut butter
  6. This notepad
  7. This baby goat
  8. This picture of a shell that I took at the beach two years ago
  9. This poster I made of one of my brother's best tweets
  10. Matt Smith as the Doctor
  11. This goose that I found when I searched "goose yelling" on the new image search thing
  12. This
  13. Lizzie McGuire impersonating an Italian pop star