My ages
  1. Birth
    My birth, not hers. We met when she was seven months old and I was a couple days old. We've never not been friends.
  2. 4 years old
    My family moved to a bigger house and I was scared I would never see her again. Six months later her family moved into the house three down from mine. We went from being neighbors in townhouses to neighbors in single family houses.
  3. 5 years old
    We start kindergarten and are put in different classes. We still ride the bus together every morning and afternoon and play together at recess. Anytime not spent at school is spent together.
  4. 9 years old
    Same school, different fourth grade classes, still inseparable. She starts to become "popular" and I do not. It's fine because it's elementary school and everyone gets invited to the birthday party.
  5. 11 years old
    We enter middle school and I start to notice her acting different. She becomes a lot more popular and I remain at my social status. She only acts different at school and is the same she always has been around me. We have a few mutual friends at school and everything is fine.
  6. 13 years old
    She's 14 (she's 7 months older) and starts "dating" and going to parties. I don't like some of her friends because they're mean. I never tell her because I don't want her to think I'm jealous. I find out that she's also kind of mean. She's never mean to me, ever. She's still my best friend but for the first time I wonder if I'm still hers.
  7. 15 years old
    We're in high school and everything is different. She dates for real and parties a a lot. We still hangout at home but I find myself knowing less and less about her. I find out who she's dating through social media and get used to her calling lots of people her best friend. When we hangout she's the same person she's been since we were five, when she goes out she's a different person that I don't know.
  8. 17 years old
    We're seniors and I know her but I don't. We eat lunch together and talk all the time and she's still my best friend. I know that she doesn't like my other best friend and vice versa. She has a another best friend too and I like her, she's a good person. I wonder if we're best friends out of habit and if so if that's a bad thing. It doesn't seem bad, if anything it seems kind of sad.
  9. 17 years old
    I get in an a golf cart accident and end up almost bleeding out on the pavement in front of her house. She lifts an entire golf cart off of me and holds my hand until the paramedics come and then spends the next three days in the hospital with me. I realize that I'm more than her best friend, I'm a part of her. She hadn't noticed we were growing apart because she never imagined we would.
  10. 19 years old
    We live in separate cities and sometimes go for long periods of time without talking. The moment we start talking it's as if we're five years old sitting on the curb in front of my house or we're 10 and watching Lizzie McGuire reruns or we're 15 and trying to figure out algebra homework. We're best friends because it's all we've ever known and that's not a bad thing.