Unexpected, I know.
  1. I played in high school on a club team organized by my older brother.
    Here's a blurry action shot of me at 14, playing on a hockey stick because the handle broke off my broom. Was I one of the coolest kids at my high school? Fuck yeah I was.
  2. The first time we played there was a layer of snow on the ground and enough people showed up for four separate teams. I remember looking out the window and seeing groups of people walking up my street wrapped in winter clothes, shouldering broomsticks.
    I was ecstatic and I'm sure my neighbors were very confused.
  3. The early games were fast paced, chaotic, and violent. A mix of flailing limbs, broomstick handles, and enthusiasm left every player with at least one minor injury. My brother had a wooden broom handle snap against his side and rocked a killer bruise for three weeks. I walked away from my first game with multiple bruises and a bleeding face.
    We gave it our all and left it all on the pitch.
  4. After that a Facebook group was formed and we held regular practices. We would go to the park in our neighborhood and run drills and play pick up games. It wasn't uncommon for people to stop and watch us. A lot of people asked questions, some took pictures, some made fun of us. We didn't care. We looked like dorks because we were.
    Just some dorks running around with broomsticks throwing a volleyball through some hula hoops.
  5. And after every game or practice we would go to IHOP and eat pancakes and laugh.
  6. My brother was so devoted that he built six regulation sized goal posts. Most weekends we would load them into his car and drive up to the park to play.
    They currently live in a storage unit near my house. They haven't been used in a long time.
  7. After a while people stopped coming and our group got smaller. We would still play with smaller teams and it was just as fun.
    The fun was in being surrounded by people that also loved Harry Potter and didn't care about running around in an open field clutching a broomstick between their legs.
  8. Eventually we rallied a pretty decent team and played against another school. We made t-shirts and named ourselves The Nifflers because we were going for the gold.
    We were set to play three games but only played one which we lost. The other school scored more points but we exhausted them to the point of having to call it quits after one game so we counted it as a win.
  9. A few of our players went on to play in college, one of our best friends was so good that he was drafted by a school he didn't go to to play in the World Cup. He was a Keeper and he was a force of nature, we even named a move after him that he used all through college.
  10. Playing Quidditch is fun. If you've never played you should because it's exhausting and silly and a hell of a good time, just watch out for Bludgers and broom handles.
    If they ever hold a Li.st Con I'll show up with my hoops and we can organize a tournament. (But I get first dibs on players I want because they're my hoops)
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