2. First off, hi!
  3. I know coming up with a gift can be daunting and my lists are kind of a clusterfuck, so here are some things I'm into.
  4. Socks!
    I get cold feet!
  5. Granola bars!
    A great food!
  6. Pins!
    I collect them!
  7. Photography!
    It excites me!
  8. Notebooks!
    Cool ones!
  9. Harry Potter!
    I love it!
  10. Running!
    I do it!
  11. Books!
    I read them!
  12. Hiking!
    It's fun!
  13. Fifth Harmony!
    I'm trash!
  14. Superheroes!
    They're awesome!
  15. List App!
    So meta!
  16. Handmade things!
    I'm sentimental!
  17. Face masks!
    I have bad skin!
  18. Interesting knickknacks!
    I'm a lowkey hipster!
  19. Anything you deem worthy of sending me!
    I love you!