Inspired by @e and @michael_circa91 and brought to you by a three hour car ride and the crushing realization that every chapter art from every book wouldn't fit in one list. Consider this the highlights.
  1. Baby Harry wrapped in his blanket unaware of who or what he is
  2. The letters
  3. Hagrid
  4. Quidditch
    One of my favorite pictures out of the entire series.
  5. Harry
    This one makes me laugh because Harry's head looks so big.
  6. Dobby
    I love Dobby and his big ears.
  7. Ron
    Burpin' up some slugs and defending Hermione's honor
  8. Lockhart's greatest fuck up
  9. Nearly Headless Nick
    You can't kill a ghost
  10. Dumbledore
    The hood up, sword in hand look is my aesthetic
  11. Owls
  12. The Marauder's Map
  13. Lil Harry fighting the boggart
  14. Snape, Snape, Severus Snape
  15. Playing seeker
  16. Padfoot
  17. Prongs runs again
    But it's actually just Harry
  18. Time-Turner
    It always annoys me that the movies made such an over complicated Time-Turner when there was a picture of it
  19. All of Molly's love
  20. Good ole Albus
    Ft an amazing hat
  21. Moody
  22. HJP
    I've always really loved this picture, it's in my top five
  23. Ron lusting over his future sister-in-law
  24. Hagrid as a lil babe
  25. Winky!
    I want a framed print of this
  26. The Golden Trio
  27. Dobby ft hats
    Ugh, RIP you beautiful little creature
  28. Looney Lovegood
  29. "Give her hell for us, Peeves"
    It's FINE that the movies ignored this part. It's FINE.
  30. Good vs Evil
    Another one I want a print of
  31. The three best friends anyone could have
  32. Albus and Harry
    Equals on so many levels
  34. Creature and Dobby
  35. Harry and Ginny
  36. The Marauders
  37. Harry looking v dramatic
  38. Classic
    I told my sister that if I ever got a tattoo I would get the Deathly Hallows symbol drawn just like this and then she went and got this tattoo. This exact tattoo. It was really cool. 🙃🙃🙃
  39. The unsung hero
  40. 😭😭😭
  41. Peace
    This picture just makes me happy