Ever since my brother died last October I always think about whether or not he would like the new things the world is producing. I think he would really like the List App and I know he would make really amazing lists. Since he will never be able to gift you with his lists I will gift you with some of his best moments.
  1. This is a completely candid photo. We were sitting on our front porch talking and he was sitting on a Disney Princess scooter.
  2. He put this up in our dining room and refused to take it down, even after our mom yelled at him.
  3. He was really proud of his Batman Fathead.
  4. "Look! We match!"
    I now own this sweater and wear it at least once a week.
  5. He took his Ultrasaber to the laser tag arena he worked at and was beyond happy.
  6. He had just gotten a new jacket. He was really working it.