but it can also be kind of confusing. 95% of her posts are pictures of pugs that she found on the Internet.
  1. The greatest image/caption I've ever seen on the Internet
  2. This is not her dog
  3. I don't know if she has a dog or if she's just stressed
    I think she might be moving?
  4. There was no caption for this one but I think it really speaks for it's self
  5. She captioned this one, "Time to start thinking about my garden!"
    So pure
  6. "Back in my office chair - Happy Monday!"
  7. So she is moving? I honestly don't know.
    There's no context or anything, just the picture and "finally!"
  8. This one makes me laugh because the minion is 110% unnecessary.
    I don't understand why people add minions to things but it's a popular thing to do on Facebook.