This is such an open idea but it was suggested and my creativity is running on fumes.
  1. The inspiration for my first good list was my mundane thoughts while I made a casserole instead of studying.
    The app was new, I had no idea what to list about, so I catalogued all the thoughts I had while making casserole alone in my apartment on a weeknight. It was the first time I had ever interacted with strangers on the internet and their positive responses inspired me to keep writing lists.
  2. My inspiration to be a better teacher is my coworker, Cece.
    I always tell her that she's my work mom. She calls me sunshine and has taught me more about my job than anyone else has. She got married when she was 17 and has built such a beautiful life and family for herself. She makes me want to be better at my job because all I want to do is make her proud.
  3. My everyday inspiration is my mom.
    She's stupidly wonderful.
  4. My career inspiration is J.K. Rowling.
    I recently wrote an essay on the speech she gave at Harvard and it made me love her even more. She truly fought for her success, it was her belief in herself and her ideas that put her where she is. She also makes so much money from every aspect of the Potter franchise and I respect the hell out of that.
  5. My fashion inspiration is the Olsen twins in the 90s.
  6. My list inspiration is whatever I feel confident enough to write about without the safety of drafts.
    So these days...not much.