She's actually had one for a while but she just started using it. She's a gem.
  1. She sends me very formal videos
    They all start with, "MacKenzie, I am snapchatting you." And then she gets cut off mid-sentence because she's out of time
  2. I messaged her with message thing and she got mad
    She says we've always been able to text and to please keep snapchat use to videos and pictures
  3. She texted me to tell me to send a picture again because she wanted to screen shot it
    A very formal text
  4. She doesn't use the filters
    Yet. She thinks she needs to get more comfortable with the app? She lost me there.
  5. She discovered the horror of a low angle
    "Oh my gosh, my chin!!" Gotta get those up angles, Meg.
  6. She's the cutest thing ever and loves Snapchat more than anyone I know.
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