I don't know if any of these are really controversial but I'm pretty sure @joemurphy just wants me to get attacked because I think Kung Fu Panda is trash, either way here
  1. Cedric Diggory isn't some unsung hero with a tragic story
    He's an extra character that was killed to further the main character's storyline. He's a spare.
  2. Cho Chang is the worst character in the entire series
    I'm going to say it, she's a fame whore. She wanted Harry because he was famous just like she wanted Cedric because he was a school champion.
  3. Hermione and Ron 100% belong together
    No one come at me with that Harry/Hermione romantic pairing shit because I will burn it all to the ground before agreeing.
  4. Dumbledore is kind of the worst
    He used Harry and lied to him most of the time about what he was using him for. He was selfish and cryptic and Harry deserved better.
  5. Harry is not the best character in the series
    It's Hermione, fight me.
  6. Snape being so into Lily for so long is weird
    Move on buddy, move on
  7. Molly Weasley saved the entire Wizarding world by showing Harry what it means to be loved
  8. Fred's death was the saddest out of the entire series
    It just is, I don't make the rules
  9. Lupin is the best of the Marauders
  10. I hate the whole "after all this time? Always." thing
    It drives me crazy and I want it to die. I think it's cheesy, that part did not make me emotional, and I wish people would stop tweeting it over pictures from the movies.
  11. The term "Potterhead" is dumb
    Sorry not sorry
  12. Every movie after Prisoner of Azkaban is not worth watching
    They have bad hair in Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix is not good, Half-Blood Prince is a sin, and the Deathly Hallows are boring
  13. Gary Oldman was not a good Sirius
    Stick to the Commissioner
  14. After PoA Daniel Radcliffe stopped being a good Harry
    He lost the boyish charm and he never got it back. He let the character fall flat and I know it isn't his fault but he's way too short.
  15. The Cursed Child should have never been written.