Songs that remind me I am more than my grades. College is fun!!!
  1. Stronger - Kanye West
    You don't own me Russian History!!
  2. Fergalicious - Fergie
    Okay so I fail a test, I'm still I strong woman who is up in the gym working on my fitness. HIT IT FERGIE.
  3. Accidentally in Love - Counting Crow
    Shrek saved the princess, found true friendship, fell in love, and defeated Lord Farquaad all while staying true to who he was. I will get past this, I am my own hero.
  4. Nobody's Perfect - Hannah Montana
    Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.
  5. Just Dance - Lady Gaga
    Who needs a degree and a career when you can just dance!!!! Grades are nothing!! Just dance, it'll be okay!!!
  6. Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield
    Do you what want but you're never going to break me Econ!! You don't own me!!!
  7. Candy - Robbie Williams
    Just dance it out. Let Robbie in and let everything else go.
  8. Fuck You - Lily Allen
    Directed at the test, my professor, college in general, the entire education system, etc