1. My journalism professor
    I had him last semester and intentionally took his class again. He's always moving, both physically and mentally. He worked as an entertainment editor for like 20 years and once told us that Tom Cruise has a tiny dick. He has us call him Jack and once accidentally made a girl cry by critiquing her pitch in front of the whole class. I love him.
  2. The former Marnie
    I'm not 100% what class he teaches and I'm sitting in his class as I type this list. It's some kind of required communication class that has something to do with rhetoric. He spent the first class telling us all that we are unique individuals that can achieve anything. He's cool.
  3. My bio lecture professor
    Couldn't pronounce his last name with a gun to my head. He told us that textbooks are a scam and makes his lectures interesting. He also wears a lil pop star microphone while he lectures and it's cute.
  4. My bio lab professor
    A grad student that got asked at the last minute to teach bio 104 and hates it. There are only six people in the class and he tries realllllyyy hard to make small talk and it's very awkward. He 'ight.
  5. My online Spanish professor
    I'm going to fail his class but he was very understanding when my online textbook wasn't working. We have to Skype this weekend and I'm nervous because I am so bad at Spanish.
  6. My online comm professor
    No connection.