My sister has a lot of books, 26 years worth of books
  1. This is one corner of her room
  2. This is the top of her closet
  3. We're moving the books to the storage room in our basement because she needs more room for clothes
  4. So we started filling a bin
  5. And then we filled another one
  6. We filled both and now we need to buy another one
    They're huge bins and there's still books in the top of her closet 😅
  7. But wait, there's more
    Because those were only the books in her room
  8. This is our front room
  9. Plus this
    They're bookshelves from Ikea, with extenders on the top to add an extra shelf.
  10. The coolest part is that she knows all the books she has. She hasn't read them all but she can tell you something about all of them.
    It's like she has a catalogue of all of them in her head. It's very impressive.
  11. The books are my favorite thing about my house and I make sure anyone who enters our house acknowledges them.
    I think it's pretty safe to say that I get my love of books from my older sister.