My mom had surgery (she's fine) and waiting in the hospital while she sleeps is super boring so I decided to go through all my pictures. And then I decided to make a list. Enjoy? (This does very little to represent my year)
  1. My sister's book shelves because I'm ~artsy~
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    Zero idea why I took this, zero-ier idea why I saved it
  2. Me looking cute af dressed as Harry Potter
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    This was just a casual night. I sent it to my childhood friend James and he took a screenshot and I didn't know how to feel
  3. The day we got home work to find our house covered in blood because our dog's tumor broke open
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  4. When my sister @CoachK drew this picture that inspired me to pose for the picture and send it to her
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    For all you OG followers it was my original profile picture. (Spoiler alert: I'm going to change it back, @marymurphy just so you know)
  5. Me looking fly while I dyed @CoachK 's hair back to brown
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    Sorry Kel, had to crop you out
  6. My dad looking fre$h in the 1990s 💯💯💯
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  7. Me and my second mom posing in our onesies on Christmas Day
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    Keeping Christmas classy since 1996
  8. When snapchat turned my eyes black and I was living for it
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  9. MY PUP
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    Sent by @CoachK