1. You want an app full of quality, engaging content and you think taking away rough drafts is the way to do it???
  2. All my best lists start as drafts. Incoherent thoughts that I string together over a period of time and grow to love and want to share.
  3. I just tried to leave this list to look up my other lists and I can't.
  4. I can't leave the list I'm writing to reference other lists. I am trapped in this list. I either post it unfinished and add to it later or I give up completely and try to recapture it later.
  5. My favorite list (which I would link but can't because I can't leave this list) is about dating members of The Fellowship of the Ring. The general population seemed to really like it too. It trended for a long time way back when. It was even featured.
    I'm not trying to brag, I'm just trying to say that people liked it. I liked it. It took me three days to write and when it got the reaction it got I was ecstatic. It made me want to put more effort into my lists.
  6. It started as a draft called "LOTR" with one line, "Legolas could get it."
    I sat on it for a bit and it grew into something great.
  7. I use drafts when I start a list and then have to something else and can't finish it. I use them when someone requests a list and I can't give it the attention I want to in that moment. I use them all the time.
  8. As someone who has been around the block here on list I'd just like to say: you don't want my unfiltered, immediate thoughts. My drafts are not me striving for perfection their me trying to piece together an idea.
  9. I can start posting lists that come to me in a moment of inspiration but don't be upset when all my lists are two words and a weird gif.
  10. Giphy