1. Stiles and Derek are baccccckkkkk
  2. This season has been WiLd you guys
  3. Peter just got turned to stone. I love it, they are truly GOING for it tonight.
  4. I’m so glad that Lydia and....Jackson are reunited?
  5. Lydia knew Jackson was gay because of course she did
    She’s Lydia. She’s the backbone of this whole show and she knows everything
  6. Are Theo and Liam dating?
    Is it official or just heavily implied?
  7. They shot SCOTT???
  8. Does anyone else even watch this show or is this just me yelling into the void?
  9. Teen Wolf more like Team Wolf with all this teamwork, am I right?
  10. Everyone is frozen! I did not realize this was Narnia!!
    People get frozen in that, right?
  11. List is such a wasteland now that I can do whatever I want
  12. Ain’t gonna lie, I’ve been very invested in this relationship for years
  13. Am I supposed to know who Jennifer is???
  14. Oh I do! I do!
    She’s that ugly thing from seasons ago
  15. Kate did you really think you were safe from your dad? Like reeeeally?
  16. This family reunion could use a lil Allison
    Just saying
  17. The ghosts of villains past
    Did he just bring up Allison?????
  20. They saved Theo’s soul, how nice
  21. Scott and Stiles save the day
    Look at them go
  22. It wouldn’t be a teen wolf ending if it wasn’t in slow motion
  23. You know what? I’ll take it.
    I wish there had been more conversations between the core characters (and Lydia and Stiles 🙃) but I think they ended it well.
  24. Now that Teen Wolf is over its time to sell my soul to a new show