This is the second list I ever made, it's been in my drafts since October 2015. I have no idea why I've never posted it. (It has been brought to my attention that @EW did this on the Olsen twin's birthday so look at that too, but be wary because they have Billboard Dad at #7 :/// The Best Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movies, Ranked)
  1. Billboard Dad
    The greatest Olsen Twin film ever made. I will physically fight you on this. They literally paint a billboard to advertise their dad in hopes of finding him a girlfriend.
  2. Holiday in the Sun
    Amazing film. This entire movie is just one long ad for Atlantis™ in the Bahamas and I love it. The best scene is when they use a boombox with a recording of them playing in the ocean to fool their parents while they're off trying to catch some artifact thieves.
  3. New York Minute
    No comment, just watch
  4. Switching Goals
    One wants to win and one just loves the game. Classic 90s sports film. Throw in Airbud and you've got perfect cinema.
  5. The Challenge
    Filmed in Mexico, basically the tv show Lost but better
  6. When in Rome
    Basically Winning London but in Rome
  7. Getting There
    Between this and their video game Sweet Sixteen I had a lot of expectations for turning sixteen. Great road trip film that follows their trip to the Winter Olympics because why not.
  8. Winning London
    Basically When in Rome but in London
  9. Are Lips are Sealed
    90 minute advertisement for the country of Australia. Also they're in the witness protection program which adds a great layer of drama.
  10. Passport to Paris
    Classic trip to Paris with an uncle who's an ambassador and cute French boys who show them the city.
  11. It Takes Two
    The Parent Trap with actual twins
  12. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
    Scariest movie I've ever seen. This movie fucked me up as a kid. Would recommend.
  13. How the West was Fun
    Leave it to the seven year olds to catch the evil land developer and save their grandma's ranch. I love this movie poster so much I may frame it and hang it on my wall. They're smiles are so forced it's wonderful.
  14. To Grandmother's House We Go
    I haven't seen this one in 15 years but I'm pretty sure the premise is that they run away because they think their mom hates them or something. They go over the river and through the woods and all that jazz.