1. I'll stop listening to Dope by Fifth Harmony
  2. I'll wear something other than Converse
  3. I'll wake up when my alarm goes off
  4. I'll stop denying that ice cream makes me sick
  5. I'll respond to a text within 5 minutes of receiving it
  6. I won't get invested in cooking shows involving children
  7. I'll learn how to do hairstyles that aren't a ponytail
  8. I'll pay for Spotify
  9. I'll stop considering peanut butter a meal
  10. I'll remember to put on lotion after I shave
  11. I'll have a wardrobe that isn't 95% running attire
  12. I'll stop spending money on Nerf products
  13. Local
  14. Not to brag, but I've achieved most of this list