1. The nurse who took care of me after I donated bone marrow
    She was so kind. Kind in a way that made me feel as though humanity could be saved from all forms of evil if everyone could just learn to be this kind. Unfortunately I have no recollection of her name or her really anything about her. She's was a brunette and she was kind and I'm glad that the Universe allowed us to spend two days together.
  2. Alastor
    Alastor was a medevac person that flew with me to the hospital after I was in an accident. He had bright blue eyes, hair that was messed up by the wind given off by the helicopter, and a smile that kept me calm while I was in shock. I think in total we spent a half an hour together and the majority of it was in the helicopter where it was impossible to hear. Maybe it was because he was a friendly face in the middle of chaos but despite not remembering most of that day I remember him, vividly.
  3. Weston
    The first boy I ever loved. Well, thought I loved. I was 10 and he was 11. I met him on the beach by my grandparents house and we saw each other everyday of the week I was there. He told me about his turtles and sailing and showed me how to boogie board like a pro. He was tan and cute and I denied liking him every time my siblings brought it up. I think I did love him though, in a way only a child can love someone.
  4. My dad's friend, Keith
    I think he coached with my dad or maybe the went to college together, either way I haven't seen him in ten years and probably won't ever see him again. I only have one real memory of him, he took my sister and I to IHOP and told me to wait before I drank my hot chocolate so I wouldn't burn my tongue. He explained to me that even though waiting took time it would allow me to enjoy the hot chocolate and everything else I ate that day. He said, "you can't do much with a burnt tongue." He was right.
  5. My dad's brother
    I'm glad I got to meet my uncle because I now I know that kind of person I never want to be. He showed me what it means to be a liar and a cheat and what that does to a person and the people around them.
  6. My old therapist
    He helped me through a lot of stuff. I probably should have seen him more often and been more open with him but in the end he found a lot of ways to help me despite me being terrible at therapy. He talked to me like I was a person not a patient and made me laugh a lot.
  7. My 10th grade America history teacher
    She was a young teacher and worked in a bad part of the state before moving to my school. She had a passion for teaching that made learning easy and enjoyable and worth it. She taught us in a way that showed us why what we were learning mattered, why we should care. She told us that bad grades didn't reflect who we were as people but they did reflect our work ethic and are willingness to try. She was super cool and she was super into her cats. She was the best teacher I've ever had.
  8. One of my middle school best friends
    There's a chance I may see her again but she's not the person she was when we were kids. She was into all the same tv shows and books that I was and never made me feel bad about how much I liked them. It provided me with a kind of confidence that allowed me to love what I loved passionately and with out fear of being called lame or uncool.