I wear a cape at all times.
  1. Scrappy Doo
    He needs as much help as he can get. He needs me to throw out witty one liners after we commit acts of crime. Me being 5"9' helps the duo come across as more intimidating because Scrappy is only two feet tall.
  2. Jesus
    Joshua and I are a hell of a team. He preforms miracles and I ask the Romans if they've heard the one about the sheep, the wiseman, and the drummer boy.
  3. Your Local Postman
    Life as a mailman gets very boring and I'm there to make sure he holds onto the joy that mail brings him. We have a system worked out that cuts our delivery time in half and he trusts me more than anyone else in the world. I wear a super cool utility belt filled with anything a mailman would ever need.
  4. Clark Kent
    Technically I'm Clark's "assistant" not his sidekick but life at the Daily Planet is very stressful to tackle alone. I know Clark is Superman because I see him everyday and I'm not an idiot. Clark knows that I know but we never talk about it until one day when the Planet prints a story about Superman not needing a sidekick. That same day when Clark is about to leave to save the world he turns to face me and says, "Superman might not need a sidekick, but Clark Kent sure does." He smiles. I cry.
  5. An old sea captain named Norman
    Norman is strong and silent and I'm kind of loud and weak. But I'm funny and he's wise and together we sail the seven seas.