Oh Percy, Percy, Percy
  1. Seeker
    Hahahahahahahahahaha he'd get so mad hahahahahaha his ears and face would be so red hahahahahaha
  2. Beater
    Fred and George would promise to train him but end up teaching him all the wrong rules. Percy would try. He would try so hard and he would just be so bad. He would get frustrated and throw a bat at someone and get kicked out. Fred and George would have a good laugh about it though.
  3. Chaser
    He would challenge every single play. All of them. He would be banned from even saying the word foul because all he would do is scream it at everything everyone does.
  4. Keeper
    Keeper is Percy's best bet, pure spite would keep him from letting anyone score. Once some tells him to not let anyone score he would give his life to keep those hoops clear.