Whenever I end up in an antique shop or an old book store I like to buy old pictures. I like the idea that someone, at some time deemed that moment worthy of a photograph. They're not meant to be historical or important, they're just snapshots of someone's life.
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  3. I got both of these at the same book store and the setting of both photos suggests that they were taken at the same place. There's nothing written on the back but the company that produced the film was Belgian. That and the architecture in the pictures makes me believe that they were taken somewhere in Europe, maybe during the wars?
  4. The only insight this one has to offer regarding time and and place is the number 1647 printed on the back in what looks like the print of a typewriter. The style of the shoes makes me think it was taken in Japan but I could very easily be wrong. Either way I think it's safe to assume it was somewhere in Asia.
    The model of the car may help figure out the year but my lack of knowledge regarding antique cars hinders my ability to confidently pick a year. Maybe the 30s?
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    The people in this one crack me up because they look like such tourists .
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    I love this one because so many things are happening at once.
  7. These two are printed on German made film from a company that predates World War ll. I want to say that they were taken in India but again I could be very wrong. They're both tinted in a sepia tone.
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  10. This one is nice and neatly labeled. 1960 in Greece. I love them because they look like stills from an Audrey Hepburn movie when in reality they're just two people who seem to be very much in love.
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  14. Bobby IV, January 1961. Bobby is almost 60 now and I hope he's doing alright. He was a pretty cute kid.
  15. If you know anything about anything in these pictures feel free to let me know. I'd love to learn more about them.