1. Sunsets/sunrises
    I just think they're pretty
  2. Selfies
    Post those selfies, work that new outfit, show off that eyeliner. You're feeling your look and I love that you're loving it.
  3. Animals of any kind
  4. Celebrities with other celebrities
    I always wonder how they ended up together. Who asked who for a photo? Who took the photo? Your manger? Another celebrity? The waiter? How many did you take before you decided on this one?
  5. Reunion photos
    I love reunion photos. Once a year the cast of One Tree Hill reunites for a convention and I live for their photos. I don't follow Sarah Michelle Gellar but if I see an article saying she posted a picture with some from BTVS I'll go to her page to find the photo just to like it. I hold reunion photos very close to my heart.
  6. Things posted by people I know I'll see within the next 12 hours
    Just incase they bring it up, it avoids awkwardly having to like it while your with them
  7. Babies!
    See "animals of any kind"