1. My 8th grade softball team
    I tried out because my friend didn't want to go alone and I accidentally made the team. I played outfield and was scared to bat. I had no place on that team.
  2. My 9th grade English class
    Not to sound like a pretentious ass but I was supposed to be in ~Pre-AP~ but I got put in regular English. My teacher once used my test as an answer key because she lost hers. I also once taught me entire class about Greek Mythology because my teacher didn't feel good.
  3. The conversation I had the other day with a boy in my Spanish class about his sex life
    We're not friends? I think his name is Mike? I know way too much about him now.
  4. On the highway at midnight 45 minutes away from my house that one night
    My sister was very intoxicated and I let her be the navigator while I tired to find our way home. Drunk navigators don't know shit and we ended up very lost.
  5. On campus last night when there was a bomb threat
    They emailed us and basically said, "there might be a bomb in the JC idk, don't go there go somewhere else." I went to a three hour class, there ended up being no bomb.
  6. Fitness Plus
    The remedial gym class I had to take for a semester because I failed the v-sit and reach. It was a fucking nightmare because the only way to "study" for the v-sit is to stretch. I spend a whole semester of high school gym stretching and I still didn't pass.
  7. The Georgia Tech Sprint Kayak Team
    I practiced for an entire Fall semester on an actual lake and it was actual hell.
    Suggested by @joemurphy
  8. Walking around a Walmart parking lot with the local sheriff, kicking the feet of the carnival workers who were asleep under their trucks. In Forsyth County, GA, on a Saturday, and while wearing a suit.
    Suggested by @clairewentthere
  9. An honors academic fraternity in college...my grades barely made cutoff and then I had to learn the Greek alphabet and then I lasted a year and quit.
    (I turned in my pin and gave a little speech in front of the meeting....high out of my mind)
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  10. In a hip hop dance class at my gym last week.
    I thought it was dance fitness, like Zumba to Beyoncé. But it was actual choreography and the lady was trying to teach me how to pop, and I was trying my hardest. We made eye contact in the mirror and both laughed at me.
    Suggested by @bailey
  11. My College D2 Basketball Team
    Worst 1.5 years ever.
    Suggested by @nalivodka