This list is so scattered but just know that I love Pokémon Go.
  1. If you don't have Pokémon Go please exit this list, go to the App Store, and download it.
  2. It tracks your location and wild Pokémon appear and you have to catch them.
  3. And when they show up SHIT GOES DOWN
    You gotta be quick. Aim your pokéball and throw that bitch.
  4. You have to be ready at all times because they're everywhere.
  5. I caught a Bulbasaur today and it was the greatest moment of my life.
  6. There's Pokéstops all around where you can get supplies like pokéballs and potions for your Pokémon.
    They're easy to find for a few reasons: 1. The app tells you where they are. 2. They're all over the place. 3. There are usually 3-4 people just randomly standing around looking at their phones.
  7. You'll start to care for your electronic Pokémon.
    My starter was a Charmander named Frodo and I love him like a son.
  8. After level five you get to go to gyms and battle.
    I've yet to battle because I haven't come across a gym since reaching level 5. But I can imagine it's pretty fantastic.
  9. My mom has yelled at me three times today for not paying attention because I was trying to catch a Pokémon.
    My mom hates this app so much.
  10. You can't trade with other players but I'm sure in time you'll be able to.
    And when that happens I am so down to trade with all you people for all your Pokémon captured around the world.
  11. You do have to be careful when playing though because my sister and I wandered for a long time without realizing it trying to catch Pokémon.
    But tbh it's worth it. Pokémon Go is the new Fitbit.
  12. Don't let the three star review on the App Store fool you, it's worth the hype.