*this list is not sponsored* (unless anyone wants to sponsor me than let me know, I'll say nice things about you all day every day.
  1. Apple headphones
    They don't have the *best* sound quality but I've put my run mine through the washing machine twice and they still work. Quality.
  2. Amazon Firestick
    My sister's dog chewed on ours for about five minutes before I could get it. It has a lot of teeth marks on it but it still works. Quality. (This being the remote not the thing you plug into the TV)
  3. Camelbak Chute
    Mine has been thrown from shelves, dragged along asphalt, dropped by fifty different children, stolen by a dog, and it once saved my elbow from being skinned alive by a rock I was climbing. Still works. Quality.
  4. Fiestaware
    My sister once dropped a pizza stone on a Fiestaware bowl and the pizza stone broke. It also comes in a million bright colors. Quality.
  5. Pura Vida Bracelets
    One of mine got dyed red at a Color Run and all the color washed out and the bracelet is still is tip top shape. Quality.