"Hey, Mom...."
  1. "Does the Post Office ship packages?"
    Look, it was early and I had just taken a final. I knew it did but also why would people use UPS and Fedex if it did? She was nice about it, after laughing for a few minutes.
  2. "How do you broil a bagel?"
    She taught me from a young age that the broiler is the easiest way to accidentally start a fire. I wasn't going to use it without a little reassurance.
  3. "How do you cook chicken?"
    My first night at my apartment I called and asked her this. She had bought me the chicken a couple hours earlier before she left the city. She told me that I should worry about that tomorrow and eat a sandwich.
  4. "How long is too long in terms of food in the fridge?"
    Her answer to most things, "it's fine."
  5. "Do you have to cook kale or can you eat it raw?"
    Her answer was, "MacKenzie, really?"
  6. "What kind of fabric softener do you buy?"
    Sometimes you just want to smell like home
  7. "Can you make a doctors/dentist/eye doctor/haircut appointment?"
    I'm not asking you to take me, just to call the place. I wouldn't hate if you drove down to take me but I'm not asking....
  8. "What's the best way to cook white rice?"
    I'm 34
    Suggested by @kate81
  9. Is $1.99 a good price for Chapstick?
    Suggested by @danielmuto