1. How much did Zac Efron actually sing??
  2. Why did Zac and Vanessa break up??
  3. Did anyone ever talk about the weird incest vibes Ryan and Sharpay give off??
  4. What is the actual plot of the musical that the high school is performing??
  5. Detention is only 15 minutes, how did Troy manage to miss all of basketball practice?
  6. What does Troy's mom do?
    We all know you can't afford a house like that on a teacher's salary
  7. Did the actors actually play basketball?
  8. How did Chad get the role of the person who screams, "WHAT TEAM?!"
  9. Did Troy and Gabriella get the role they were auditioning for?
  10. Can anyone prove that Kelsey was a real person and not the ghost of someone Sharpay killed for playing off key?
  11. How has Sharpay been in 17 school productions??
    All the schools I've gone to have done two productions a year. If Sharpay has been in every show since 6th grade this should be her 12th or 13th show? Unless her schools do three musicals a year but that seems like a lot, don't these things take time??
  12. My is the female drama teacher allowed to walk through a locker room full of underage changing boys??