Inspired by @ShawnKelly and the whole lot of ya (I'm in a real weird mood so I apologize in advance if this gets weirdly deep)
  1. Because my dad got very sick when I was very young
  2. Because at one time in my life I kept a guitar case full of Hershey bars in my basement and would eat, on average, five a day
  3. Because while almost bleeding out in the middle of the street I grew up on I was apologizing to people for the inconvenience
  4. Because the person I considered by best friend until I was 18 stopped considering me hers when we were 14
  5. Because I'm the youngest child
  6. Because I lived 18 years with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder
  7. Because my mom told me to never marry someone without sleeping with them first
  8. Because I've been told that I have a talent for speaking at funerals
  9. Because I've seen every episode of One Tree Hill at least twice
  10. Because I spent my first semester of college literally watching my brother die
  11. Because I might be lowkey dyslexic
  12. Because I was the only one that didn't cry when my 4th grade class read Shiloh
  13. Because I was always done with the book by the time we were assigned chapter two
  14. Because 85% of the time I'm pretty sure I have a brain tumor
  15. Because once, while sparring, I punched my brother in the nose and when it started to bleed he high-fived me