I'm think I'm kind of the worst
  1. I use a lot of gifs when texting
  2. That is, if I respond to a text
    I'm a real bad texter
  3. I make a lot of dead dad/brother jokes
  4. I'm one of those people that can't sing but is singing all the time
  5. I drink a lot of water so I always have to pee
  6. I love implying that they're pregnant
  7. Sometimes I kick them in the back of the knee when they're walking so they stumble forward
  8. I've been know to, occasionally, put dog food in people's purses and pockets
    (A game I did not start!!! But have every intention of winning)
  9. I love giving people nicknames
    My best friend's name is Kathryn but she goes by Katie but I call her Kathy and recently I've been calling her Kathy Kath because I'm an exhausting person
  10. I like jumping out and scaring people
  11. I get obsessed with tv shows and push them on people like a drug dealer
    Ya goootttaaaa watch it, you gootttaaa
  12. Sometimes I just start talking about Russian history
  13. I like throwing out random questions and forcing them to answer
    On Friday I made them rank their favorite food textures. (Although, they always end up going along with it so I think they secretly like it)
  14. I make a lot of puns