Inspired by the masses, I just want to listttttt. Most of these are just things I found on Pinterest but was too lazy to actually pin.
  1. My best friend was on intense painkillers and accused me of murdering the hamster she had when we were ten
  2. A big moment in my life
  3. Another big moment
  4. Classic Burdge
  5. Everything I googled one night while I was desperately trying to find the picture above
  6. A different picture of Anne Hathaway I found while searching that really spoke to me
  7. I use this a lot
  8. From my brothers Instagram
  9. A bts pictures from the Originals that I really like for some strange reason??? It's a look
  10. The dream outfit
  11. When @CoachK didn't know how to act in the group chat
  12. Me poking a hole in the leaking ceiling of my mom's shop
  13. My whole family was at risk