1. The secret biology class
    My friend and I are taking bio together next semester but we also happen to work together. Us taking the class together fucks up the schedule at work so no one can know we're in the same class and that we intentionally did it or else there'll be a whole mess of drama.
  2. The "who bought alcohol for Ben's underage party" secret
    It was my older sister. The whole conversation went down in the group chat where I was merely an innocent bystander. But I ain't no snitch so that secret is staying locked.
  3. The Santa secret at work
    I work in a building full of children under the age of ten. I think you can get fired for spilling the beans on Santa.
  4. The family secret of my family
    It's a sad secret that I kind of wish I didn't know
  5. The "reason my friend can't drive the buses at work" secret
    A really boring secret but one I promised I would keep
  6. The "surprise gifts from our bosses" secret
    It's blankets. People just tell me things and I'm left to keep dumbs secrets.
  7. The "I can't stand her but no one can know because we all work together" secret
    Super obvious and not really a secret
  8. The "real reason my coworker got married" secret
  9. The fake secret
    I often bribe children by offering to tell them a secret. There's never a secret. It's all just a hoax. Kids will fall for anything.
  10. Giphy