We're a very nice family but we have no time for weakness
  1. Carrying less than four bags of groceries
    You better not be the reason more than one trip to the car needs to be made
  2. Falling asleep during Lord of the Rings
    It's only 12 hours.
  3. Not being able to keep up during a conversation about Harry Potter
    Get your head out of your ass and GET IT TOGETHER
  4. Not knowing a song by Florence and the Machine
    If you don't know every word than what do you know?
  5. Losing at Blokus, Ticket to Ride, or Risk
    Someone has to lose but you better hope it's not you. Otherwise you WILL be labeled as the weakest link.
  6. Letting a Pokémon get away in Pokémon Go
  7. An inability to make a good smoothie
    If your smoothie game is weak your entire life is weak
  8. Leaving the basement after losing a video game
    You sit there and you watch the victors continue to play. You don't get to walk away just because you weren't good enough.
  9. Complaining about any sort of injury caused by Nerf merchandise
    We're all bruised from the Nerf swords, no one wants to hear about your pain
  10. Refusing to drink when our eldest sister chooses you as her drinking buddy
    You start drinking and you pray that she lets you get away after only a few drinks