I am a terrible singer. My 7th grade music teacher made the right choice when she didn't cast me in the musical, I know that now. Regardless of my lack of talent I'm still a dreamer with a song in my heart.
  1. "For Good" - Wicked
    Whenever I try and hit the high notes my voice just disappears in to a high pitch sound. Not the kind of sound that Ariana Grande makes but one that sounds like a small animal dying.
  2. "On My Own" - Les Mis
    It's borderline offense how terribly I sing it. Still, it's my go to shower song.
  3. "Think of Me" - Phantom of the Opera
    Opera is not my calling but it is my passion.
  4. "Defying Gravity" - Wicked
    Kiss me goodbye because I lose myself in this song every time.
  5. "The Hills are Alive" - Sound of Music
    The hills are dead because my off key screaming killed them but my heart is alive and filled with love.
  6. "Seasons of Love" - Rent
    Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred reasons for me to not try and sing this song, five million reasons I should (in my heart).
  7. "Tomorrow" - Annie
    My fantastic career as a Broadway star is only a day (or lifetime) away.
  8. "The Phantom of the Opera" - The Phantom of the Opera
    Okay, Christine's parts I disgrace BUT I was born to play the Phantom. I do the best damn, "SING TO ME" the world has ever heard.