Okay there are no pictures for two reasons. One, I am #notthatkindofgirl (buy 7/27 on iTunes) and two, I'm not that slick and would 100% get caught but I will paint you vivid pictures with my words
  1. Boy next to me in the soft, orange Life is Good tshirt is the most Hufflepuffy Hufflepuff to ever walk this earth.
    Everything about him screams Hufflepuff. From his floppy blonde hair that stops just above his eyebrows, that his mom will make him cut over Thanksgiving break, to the fact that he's written down every single thing the professor has said in the last hour. He is so pure and a freshman for sure. His pencil matches his shirt. He's too good for this corrupt game of higher education.
  2. The girl sitting in the row in front of me is a Slytherin.
    She's more beautiful than anyone else in the room and she knows it. Her eyebrows are more structured than my professor's 25 slide PowerPoint and her handwriting is essentially just Times New Roman. At the beginning of class she asked me about the political rally happening on campus tonight and I have never been more intimated in my entire life. If someone were to break in and hold this class hostage I would trust her to murder them and just walk out without saying anything. I fear her.
  3. Girl in the grey hoodie in the front row is a Ravenclaw.
    She keeps giving the professor answers and talking to her about whatever it is we're learning about. She was excited to discuss the essays we turned in and was disappointed when no one else was. This class only has one textbook but for some reason she's been working out of two all class. I can't see her face from here but I know she reads every slide with a wide-eyed wonder that only comes from a thirst for knowledge.
  4. I'm a Gryffindor that just found a granola bar I didn't know I had in the pocket of my sweatpants.
    I ate it.