I'm not the first person to point this out, it's been all over Twitter but I might be one of the first people to analyze this transformation and what it means for the world
  1. This is season one Jenny Humphrey. Little J. A girl from Brooklyn with big dreams about fitting in with all the rich and popular kids at her fancy private school.
    This is circa 2007 when Gossip Girl was just a new tv show that parents tried to stop their children from watching.
  2. This is 2007 Taylor Swift. She has a guitar covered in tear drops and a potentially fake country accent.
  3. Both are pure, gentle people who hope to one day make something of themselves.
    Both Jenny and Taylor had traits that made them likable and relatable. Jenny was an outcast that didn't fit in on the Upper East Side, in terms of money and status, and Taylor just wanted to write music she loved she wasn't in it for the fame and fortune.
  4. The longer the show went on the more Little J changed from the girl trying to topple the high school monarchy to the raccoon that sleeps with Chuck Bass.
  5. With every layer of black eye liner Jenny turned more and more into the actual worst person in all of New York City. I fear that Taylor Swift is following in the platinum blonde footsteps of one Ms. Humphrey and that the results could be disastrous.
  6. By the time Jenny reached maximum terribleness she was helping Ivy and Vanessa drug Serena and make her think she was going crazy. Can you imagine what could happen should Taylor Swift reach this level of crazy??
  7. How long before Kendall Jenner is left alone in the desert after a photo shoot because she wronged Taylor? What if she turns on Karlie Kloss and sabotages here coding summer camp? One wrong move and she's paying for the paperwork to have Bieber deported.
  8. The transformation has already begun.
  9. All we can do now it wait and see is she will find herself again or if she is lost to the black makeup and platinum hair.
  10. And hope. Hope that if Taylor Swift does rise as the new Jenny Humphrey then someone else will rise as the new Blair Waldorf and banish her from the realm.
  11. Let us pray to the old gods and the new that Taylor finds her way back. But if she is gone forever, may God be with us all.