May we never forget the sins of our past.
  1. Polos
    No one in my family loved me when I was in middle school. I know this because they let me leave the house wearing a polo. I didn't just have one polo that I would occasionally wear, I had a polo for every day of the week and then some. I don't know how I got into polos but I know it took me too long to get over them.
  2. Solid colors
    Nothing says fashion like an outfit made up of one color. Solid red shirt, red shorts, ready to go. I think my logic was, "well blue matches blue so this outfit looks GREAT."
  3. Basketball shorts
    For the most part they were hand-me-downs from my older brother which means they were almost always too big. Sometimes I would match my favorite pair of bball shorts with my favorite polo and redefine the word fashion.
  4. Uncomfortably tight shirts
    Always from either Abercrombie or Hollister and always decorated with obnoxiously large words. These were like cotton corsets and had the worst tiny sleeves. They were not comfortable and they were not cute.
  5. Graphic Tees, but not cool graphic tees
    Basically the entire woman's section of Hot Topic. They were also uncomfortably tight and featured a joke I thought was just ~so funny~
  6. Sweatshirts that were six sizes too big for me
    Not in a cool, fashionable oversized sweater way but in a, "Harry wearing Dudley's old clothes that Aunt Petunia dyed gray" kind of way.