I'm glad that I can touch on this, I think it's important that everyone knows. I know it seems like a bad thing but it really doesn't take anything away from Hot Dad.
  1. The truth is...
  2. Giphy
  3. I've always known that Hot Dad is married.
  4. In fact, I see his wife more than I see him.
  5. And his wife is
  6. A
  7. God
  8. Damn
  9. PEACH
  10. She's such a nice person. She adores her kids, is always kind, and gave us great Valentines Day presents. She's amazing.
  11. I'm glad that she's married to Hot Dad because he deserves someone like her. They also made children that are cute as fuck so you go Hot Dad and Wife, you go.
  12. Giphy