1. It was a Tuesday at 10 am.
  2. I slept in later than usual because I had been up all night working on the screenplay for my movie Tree Trolls.
  3. As I was shuffling from my bedroom to the kitchen I passed the bathroom and there he was, standing in the shower. A small blonde boy with big eyes. He was wearing a gray tunic with a thick leather belt.
  4. We stared at each other for a few minutes until he broke the silence.
  5. "You are in charge of this residence?"
  6. His voice did not match his appearance. It was deep and powerful, as if the Earth itself was speaking through this tiny boy.
  7. I told him that yeah, it was my apartment. He nodded.
  8. "I will stay here."
  9. "In my shower?"
  10. "In your residence."
  11. He spoke with such authority that I found myself nodding. Of course this little boy will stay with me.
  12. "Well I'm going to make breakfast if you want to come, or you can just hang here in the shower."
  13. I started towards the kitchen and he didn't follow. I was halfway through making waffles when he appeared in the kitchen. He climbed on to a barstool, his little legs dangling off the edge, and stared.
  14. I put a waffle on a plate and slid it across the counter to him.
  15. "Sorry, I'm out of syrup. I think I have some butter in the fridge and I know I have peanut butter if you want that."
  16. "This is sufficient."
  17. Before eating he lifted his small hand to his mouth and removed a lizard. After tucking it into the pocket of his tunic he began to eat.
  18. I made myself a waffle and sat down next to him. Again he broke the silence.
  19. "In this form I will need a guardian. You shall be my guardian."
  20. "Okay."
  21. We finished breakfast in silence.