College is fun!!!!
  1. Number of minutes I arrived early to my first class: 45
    Queen of over estimating commutes
  2. Number of times I walked the path I'll have to take to all my classes today: 2
    First time so I knew where they all were, second time because I had 45 minutes to kill
  3. Number of times I've circled the building my class is in: 5
    I hope someone is having a good laugh about my laps because I'm sure not
  4. People I saw smoking a pipe: just the one
    But I think pipes are cool so I added it
  5. Humans I've interacted with: 0
    Well I guess technically one because of the lady at the bookstore but we only exchanged three words
  6. Friends I've made: 0
  7. Friends I've texted about college being dumb: 4
  8. Number of times I've cursed myself for wearing a black shirt in 95 degree weather: < 25
  9. Number of times I've cursed myself for wearing a messenger bag: 5
    Who the fuck wears a messenger bag when they know it's going to be filled with textbooks (it's me, I do)
  10. People I've watched nervously enter the classroom of this class: 8
    Pretty sure they're all freshman and that they all want to be friends
  11. People I think I went to high school with that might be in the class: 1
    FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK, this is what I get for transferring to a school near my house. Fuck you friends and family and self for driving me to a healthy, reasonable decision about school.
  12. Number of certified hotties in this class: one
    Heyyyyyy but also please don't approach me because I'm very sweaty from all the walking and also I don't interact well in that kind of situation
  13. Hours I have until I'm done with classes: 4
    "Let's work full time and go to school full time!!" "Okay self, good idea self!" Fuck me.