I've always been fascinated by the things people keep on their key rings. My key ring has a house key and a car key, my brother's was just a tad more exciting.
  1. The key to our Kia
    I don't know where the white paint came from but I'm sure it was a random project that was thrown together at the last minute
  2. One of the two original key to our Jeep
    The car is a hunk of junk and almost overheated twice but he loved it.
  3. A very battered key to our house
    It's one of the original keys they gave us fifteen years ago when our house was built.
  4. A membership card to a rock climbing gym near our house
    It's funny because when he signed up the guy told him they only was to get out of the contract early was to move more than 50 miles away or die. He did both.
  5. A tiny little key that goes to a lockbox he kept in his room
    Our mom gave it to him when he was a kid and he kept all his important documents in it.